Got Engaged! #PutARingOnIt

Song Reference: Beyonce – “Single Ladies”

Congratulations you are #engaged! Engagements signal one of life’s great new beginnings. According to the Knot, while only 7% of people marry during the holidays, 17% get engaged during the holidays. And why not? It’s a time when families spend more time together filled with magical moments and long celebrated traditions.

Your engagement time will be wonderfully magical, but only if you let it. Whatever happens make a pact with your fiancé to experience it together, take time out and enjoy each step of the way. As in life, although the actual getting married is often seen as the destination it’s not. Who you are as a couple started on the first day you got together, and the same two people you are now will be the same two people on the wedding day, the day after and 20 years after that!

While society may view you with a new “status” once the Mrs. is at the front of your name, remind yourself that love you started with is the same but will only get deeper the longer you are together, if you take time to care for it!

DJ Ryo is a wedding/events DJ as well as DJs throughout the community at events and clubs in her own right. She lives in beautiful Breckenridge, CO and has been happily married to her husband for more than 2 decades. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @spindjryo. If you are getting married in the Rockies and want your upcoming event to be unforgettable, call/text her to setup a consultation at 970-343-4796.

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