"Music makes the world go 'round."

- Sarah Oliver, DJ Quotes to live by

"If I had one wish, I'd have a soundtrack for my life.  It would never stop even for phonecalls."

- Sarah Oliver, Truths from a DJ

A DJ since 2008, Sarah has enjoyed living and playing in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.


"Breckenridge has always captivated me and held that magic.  I consider myself lucky to be able to live and play in such a truly beautiful place." 

What types of events do you enjoy most? 


"I could say weddings because I have lived my own happily ever after.  It's special to be part of making those moments for others in love.  Otherwise any event where I'm playing music and rocking the dance floor." 


My favorite thing about living in Breckenridge? 


"How much the town loves to celebrate.  Holidays are so fun and the town and county both do so many things throughout the year for various holidays. "